Yoga/Health Videos

As the famous proverb says:




This section is dedicated to provide link to some videos that can be followed to stay healthy.


Be it Yoga, Functional workout, Stress reduction etc., this page intends to provide a link to video to all these type of workouts.


Also, do not forget to visit out "HEALTHY RECIPE" section to accompany Healthy workout with Healthy food for better results.



Name Type of Workout Link
Warmup Routine for Workout Warmup CLICK HERE
Yoga for Beginners 1 Yoga CLICK HERE
Yoga for Beginners 2 Yoga CLICK HERE
Yoga for Weight Loss Yoga CLICK HERE
Fat Burning Workout Cardio CLICK HERE
Total Body Yoga Yoga CLICK HERE
7 Exercises at Home for a flat stomach Workout CLICK HERE
30 Min at Home - Strength Workout Workout CLICK HERE
Zumba Cardio Workout Zumba CLICK HERE
Burn 500 calories in 45 Min Zumba CLICK HERE
Advanced Fat Burning - Cardio Workout 30 Min Cardio CLICK HERE

NOTE: Please check with your doctor before starting any kind of workout to avoid any negative impact on your health. If anyone experiences any damage of any kind by following these workouts, Apna Frankfurt will not be responsible.