Frankfurt - Official A-Z

Frankfurt is an International City.


It is not only international in terms of all the businesses/people but also in terms of culture, food and languages.


This city is home to a lot of International Citizens. All of us need to deal with the German Authorities for one of the other reason every now and then.


Some examples of frequent visits to official offices in Frankfurt region are as below:

  • To register/de-register residence at respective Bürgeramt 
  • To get invitation letter (Verpflichtungserklärung) at respective Bürgeramt
  • To visit foreigner's office - Auslånderamt
  • To visit car registration office or for Driving License - Verkehrsamt
  • .... and many other offices

To know the addresses, opening timings and further information about all such offices, the city of Frankfurt has created the following website (click to visit the link):



Specifically, to directly visit the webpage that provide information about all the official locations in Frankfurt, visit the following link:

A-Z of Frankfurt


In general, the website FRANKFURT.DE is a source of a lot of information about Frankfurt. Feel free to explore this website to know more about Frankfurt!