Cultural/Other Organizations

South East Asian/Indian Culture represents a collection of distinct and unique sub-cultures of all regions and communities that are present in the region.


It is a unique combination of various languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food and customs that comes together and create a unique experience in itself.



Some refer to Indian Culture with the phrase "Unity in Diversity". This very appropriately represents the basic idea of Indian Culture, there is a lot of respect for different beliefs and ideas.


There are a lot of cultural and other organizations that are working in Frankfurt Region to promote these sub-cultures and ideas.


A list of few such organizations is as below.

Name of the Organization Type of Organization Details
 1. Bharat Verein e.v. Frankfurt  Oldest Indian Organization in Frankfurt CLICK HERE
2. Telugu Velugu e.v. Telugu Community in Frankfurt CLICK HERE
3. Asha Frankfurt N.G.O. - Support for Basic Education CLICK HERE
4. Induskrit - Indian Musical Band Indian Musical Band - Live Performances CLICK HERE
5. Balagokulam Frankfurt Kids Organization - Linking Kids to Indian Culture CLICK HERE
6. Art of Living - Frankfurt Health, Yoga, Stress Management CLICK HERE
7. Marathi Katta Frankfurt Marathi Community in Frankfurt CLICK HERE
8. Rhein Main Kannada Sangha Kannada Community in Frankfurt CLICK HERE
9. Hessen Cricket Association Cricketing Community in Frankfurt CLICK HERE
10. Utkal Samaj Rhein Main Odias Community in Rhein-Main CLICK HERE

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