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General Information:


On the 14th March 2021, the elections to the city council and the 16 local advisory councils will take place in Frankfurt am Main. In addition, the Hessian Landtag has decided to combine the election to the municipal representation of foreigners (KAV) with the elections of the municipal representations in time.


Thus, a total of 3 elections will take place on election day in Frankfurt am Main.

What / Who will be Elected?


1. City Council (Stadtverordnetenversammlung) 

The city council (community representation) is the highest decision-making and decision-making body of the city. The number of members is determined by the number of inhabitants in the city (§ 38 HGO). In Frankfurt am Main, with currently about 760,000 inhabitants, 93 city councillors have to be elected.


2. Local Advisory Councils (Ortsbeiräte)

The local advisory councils represent the interests of the population in the districts belonging to their local district and (also) play an intermediary role in the city council. The Frankfurt urban area is divided into a total of 16 local districts (§§ 81 and 82 HGO). The number of members of the local advisory board is regulated in the main statutes of the city of Frankfurt am Main and in turn depends on the number of inhabitants.


Local district Name Members
1 Innenstadt I 19
2 Innenstadt II 19
3 Innenstadt III 19
4 Bornheim/Ostend 19
5 Süd 19
6 West 19
7 Mitte-West 19
8 Nord-West 19
9 Mitte-Nord 19
10 Nord-Ost 19
11 Ost 19
12 Kalbach/Riedberg 19
13 Nieder-Erlenbach 9
14 Harheim 9
15 Nieder-Eschbach 19
16 Bergen-Enkheim 19


3. Municipal Representation of Foreigners (Kommunale Ausländer- und Ausländerinnenvertretung (KAV) )

The Foreigners' Advisory Board represents the interests of the foreign population in the municipality. In municipalities with more than 1,000 foreign residents, a Foreigners' Advisory Board must be established (§ 84 HGO). In the main statutes of the city of Frankfurt am Main, the number of members was set at the legal maximum number (§ 85 HGO) of 37.

How to take part in Elections?


On election day, the 14th March 2021, the polling stations are open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Your assigned polling station can be found on your election notification (Wahlbenachrichtigung) in the designated information field. The polling stations are usually located near your home location.


For simplicity, bring your election notification (Wahlbenachrichtigung) to choose. In addition, the identity card (Personalausweis) or Passport should also be kept available, as the election officers may request for them.

On voting - The election notification (Wahlbenachrichtigung) will be withheld by the election board.


If the election notification (Wahlbenachrichtigung) has been lost or forgotten, it is also possible to vote in the assigned polling station without election notification (Wahlbenachrichtigung). The prerequisite for this is that you are on the electoral register and have an identity card (Personalausweis or Passport) ready.


On election day, you can only vote in your assigned polling station.


If you are unable to vote in your "competent" polling station on election day, there is alternatively the possibility to apply for a ballot paper before election day and the vote by postal vote.


If you want to participate in the Postalvote (Briefwahl), get more details here!